Necessary documents for the Seychelles wedding:

– birth certificate extract
– valid passport
– if a couple divorced, the divorce document
– Documentary evidence of change of name (if any)
– a death certificate if the former partner died
– marital status certificate
The documents must be translated into English!

Official wedding documents are required 3-4 weeks before the wedding day, and must be sent electronically to e-mail address. You must travel with the original documents, if requested by the Officers, has to be presented. The wedding papers will be received by the couple within 3-4 working days. On the Seychelles you do not need a visa. Upon arrival, the accommodation confirmation must be shown.
In case the certificate is not ready on time we post it for you for free!

Validity of passports?

The passport shall be valid for at least six months from the estimated departure date of the Seychelles. You have to show the return tickets and to prevail, your hotel reservation.

Can we invite friends or family to our wedding ceremony?

Of course you can invite your guests! Friends or family members to both type of our beach weddings. We will provide extra chairs for your guests.

What about wedding dresses?

If it is possible, we advise you to bring it in your hand luggage – if you lose your big luggages,- Just incase, so nothing can stop you on the big day. But in addition, we are delighted to offer you the most beautiful wedding dresses of famous European wedding dress designers with whom our company is in contact with. If you need any assistance, just let us know.

Witnesses are necessary?

Yes, for the ritual© and classical weddings two at least 18-year-old witnesses must be present during the proceedings of a legal wedding. We are happy if you have your friends or family members who support you with their presence, but if only the two of you traveled, we will provide our witnesses for free on request.

When we are going to receive our marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is produced within 3-4 business days after the wedding. We will personally take it to you and if you have selected photo services also, than edited pictures are also given on pen drive before leaving the Seychelles. Since the islands are currently among the world’s top wedding destinations, we would like to point out that not rare on the island if 10 weddings are in one day. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that overloaded registrars are late for the ceremony or are late to issue official papers. However, we will do our best to get your wedding papers ready in time. If there is a delay, we will post it to you to the specified address on your legal documents for free.

What is Apostille?

Apostille is an official confirmation that a signature, or stamp on a document is genuine. You can ask for a lawyers apostille for 40 EUR.

Will there be any others during our ceremony?

We prefer small and intimate beaches. There is less chance that a sunbathing tourists will be in the backdrop of our photos or becoming a local attraction. Our weddings are eye-catchers! Since the beaches are public, you can not close them down anywhere or reserve a beach for the ceremony, but we make sure there is an intimate environment.

Can marriage be approved in Europe?

Yes, official marriages that took places on the Seychelles, are recognised and approved worldwide. About the legal process you have to follow the required procedures of your country.

When do we need to send copies of the documents?

It is recommended to send copies of the required documents electronically 2 months be-fore, but at least 12 days before the wedding date. However, it is advisable to have it as early as possible because even it might be surprising, but Seychelles have 3-12 weddings per day, so it is important that we can book the chosen date in time.

How do we send our documents?

Simply check all of your required documents and send it to our email address at, we will confirm after we received it.

When should I present the original requested documents?

When you arrive to the Seychelles, you must have the original or certified copy of all doc-uments. Mostly we don’t need it, but if registrar asks for it, you have to provide it! You do not have to bring it to the beach wedding, we suggest to keep it at your hotel.

Who will perform our ceremony?

At the ritual© wedding, musicians, male, female assistance are helping out to have the most unique experience of your life. In addition, the registrar and the translator are on the venue. At the classical weddings only the registrar is present.

In what language is the ceremony held?

Both type of our weddings are in English and we support our guests with different lan-guage translations. Weddings are handled by the Registrar in accordance with the Sey-chelles Law. She/He ensures that your wedding is fully legal. They speak English.
Please ask for more informations about what language we can translate the wedding cer-emony for you.

How long does the ceremony last?

Our special Creole spirit ritual© wedding ceremony is around 2 hours. But it’s up to the guests. We won’t rush you, it is all about you.
The legal ceremony starts once the registrar arrived at the venue, ends when he leaves. It is about 15 minutes, but after this, if you wish, we can celebrate with cake and cham-pagne! With this altogether is 40 minutes and with the photoshoot it is about 1-1,5 hours.

At what time is it worth to hold the ceremony?

We recommend and mostly do weddings at 12-13 pm. At this time there are not many people on the beach. (Weekend ceremony is not recommended by our company because many providers do not work at this time)
Wedding prices on weekends or on holidays costs 143 € extra!

Do we need a visa?

No, we don’t. But upon arrival, the accommodation confirmation must be presented.