Legal statement – General terms and conditions of use

1, SERVICES ON THE PAYMENT CODE are subject to the terms of use detailed below.
Browsing through CODE OF JOY, you agree and accept the terms of use automatically.
CODE OF JOY reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use without prior notice.

2, Services and information for private use are for non-commercial use. CUSTOMERS  of CODE OF JOY does not have the right to modify, copy, display, re-create, distribute, transfer, sell, or disclose information images or services acquired by users. The photos, names, logos, graphics and information materials on this site are under the copyright of CODE OF JOY.

3, CODE OF JOY does not charge a fee for information on a website, which is provided free of charge to users.
The website of CODE OF JOY does not assume responsibility for the lack of use, execution or incomplete information, direct or indirect damage information or lack thereof.

4, CODE OF JOY Company Websites are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use, implementation or lack of information on this site, information or lack thereof.

5, When ordering the services of our company, the terms of the individual contract will be governed. No liability can be incurred for damages resulting from the use of the information contained on the CODE OF JOY website.

6, CODE OF JOY shall not be liable for any damages, losses or costs that may arise from the use, inability to use, malfunctioning, malfunctions, unauthorised alteration of the data by anybody of the CODE OF JOY websites, delay, computer virus, line or system failure, or other similar reasons.

7, The information displayed on the services may contain inaccuracies or errors. CODE OF JOY does everything to ensure the presentation of the materials or services on the pages is accurate and complete but does not guarantee their accuracy and completeness. For this reason, we recommend to our users to contact our mail referrer who can help us to correct any possible deviations.

8, Our company is constantly expanding its services so that the information on the website is changed regularly. CODE OF JOY reserves the right to modify the errors found without prior notice.

9, It may happen that the description of materials and services on CODE OF JOY websites is out of date. CODE OF JOY will do its utmost to ensure the freshness of information and materials, but does not take responsibility for updating pages.

10, The obligations of the services represented by CODE OF JOY are determined solely by the contract with us. These contracts are not overwritten or modified by any of the materials, information, catalog details or details contained on the CODE OF JOY pages.

11, The service provider (s) represented by CODE OF JOY will only accept commitments made by them or their representatives (Code of Joy). If you electronically initiated an order / contract, and you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, please contact us at by phone or email.

12, On CODE OF JOY web and other media surfaces are not considered as public offer.

13, Finding our company, personally, by telephone, by intermediary office or by letter, the statement of intention to make reservation does not create a contract or reservation. The service contract between the customer and the service provider (s) represented by CODE OF JOY is based on the reservation / confirmation given in the booking and in the written confirmation of the confirmation and only after payment of the advance payment of the service fee.

14, The payment of the advance is necessary for the validity of the order, so we can not confirm the booked service in case of failure to pay the deposit.

15, Allowance of the advance is deemed to be the acknowledgment of the conclusion of the contract, as indicated in the acknowledgment and under the terms of the service provider (s) represented by CODE OF JOY. The conclusion of the contract is not affected by the fact that the contract has been signed back to CODE OF JOY. Termination of the service contract shall be governed by the specific terms and conditions of the service provider (s) represented by CODE OF JOY.


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