Seychelles is a tropical paradise

Do you want to travel to fabulous landscapes, stroll in tropical forests, sunbathe on a white sandy beach, and then dip into the turquoise foams?
There are so many beautiful places to choose from, so why should this small archipelago be a place for relaxation, romance or a magical wedding?


… in winter (May-October) is only +3 hours, in summer (November-April) only +2 hours are the time difference to Europe
… only a 14 hours flight, and you reached paradise
… if we like to go to Africa for a wild safari, or Mauritius for a shopping trip, or visiting the Maldives we can do it with a couple hours roundtrip
… with the natural elements of unique flora and fauna this place have the energy of com-plete tranquility and relaxation on each island
… you can get away from the world here
… when we think we’ve seen all the beautiful places, by visiting another island, we realise that this is just the beginning
… you can check out our left-hand traffic routine and driving on mountain roads
… doesn’t matter where you go, you do not have to worry about any dangerous animals or plants
… this is the place where coconut and banana trees grow on the road side
… the local fishermen bring celestial delicacies to our table
…it’s a place for the active sports lovers (flying, water sports, tours, boat excursions)
… just out of curiosity we could try a luxurious environment
… in addition to English, we have French or Creole language skills
… a real tropical climate (80% humidity, 24Co in winter, 32Co in summer)
… because the ocean temperature is 28Co on average
… we accept local rupee (SCR) US dollars (USD) and the euro (EUR) as well