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For years now, our company provides one of the most enchanting engagement ceremonies and weddings in Seychelles.
So our guests get not just a Seychelles weddings, but a meaningful experience for life! For that, we have the best local and international professionals on hand, so we can work together co-creating your dream Island wedding ceremony. All our events are unique, tailored personally to your deepest romantic wishes.

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Selections of our Seychelle Islands wedding packages

We organise our amazing wedding and catering events on the three most frequently visited islands on the Seychelles. Even if you are planing an engagement ceremony, we can provide you with very unique and romantic options.

Mahé Island is the main and the biggest island where you can set up and make your dream wedding in Seychelles come true, surrounded by your friends and family. Enjoy and explore the island, the colours of the main market, the shops, take a helicopter tour, or experience the natural beauty of the beaches, and so much more! But if you wish to have a very intimate, romantic vacation linked together with your dream wedding abroad on a quiet beach, than La Digue or Praslin Islands are our suggestions for you. But before your decide where to get married in Seychelles, please take a look at our ready designed options below, and if you find what you are looking for we will do our best to make all your dreams and wishes come true!

The mission of the Code of Joy wedding group is to provide our customers with excellent local services, wonderful memories, and unforgettable experiences bearing in mind your personal needs and necessities during your stay. With our guidance, you can choose from the best Seychelles wedding venues, decorations, wedding ceremonies and other services from romantic to fun-loving, elegant to playful depending on your personal taste. By these options, your official wedding in Seychelles, engagement or anniversary celebration could became the most personalised wedding event of your life!
We offer our special wedding packages on one of the most beautiful and the most romantic tropical islands, on the Seychelles. With the best climate all year around and the most charming beaches, nature and forests with unique tranquility.
Further more, you can choose from our local partners and providers services, who has especially been selected for you, so you can absorb all the indulgence of they love and respect and have a fun-filled, romantic experience.
Please, check out our most popular Seychelles wedding packages, which are only inspirational, and you are welcome to personalise them especially for your needs!

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